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stalker asked 3 years ago

Heads-up, but the SQ search needs a fix I guess..
SQ automatically shows a page with availability in a lower class of travel when the requested class is unavailable but lower class is.
The scraper doesn’t appear to account for this and ends up showing availability from the lower class in the higher class’s bucket.
Thanks for all the work !

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awardflights Staff answered 3 years ago

As far as I can tell, this happens when one or more leg doesn’t offer a certain class e.g. KUL-LAX in F. This search will always show J results because there is no F offered on KUL-SIN. Is there a specific example that I can look at? 

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Vijay answered 3 years ago

Try SFO-IST in September for example. What SQ does is it “helpfully” returns a lower (Y) class of travel available in Saver if travel isn’t available in J which I searched for originally.

And since the app doesn’t realize that it’s a downgraded class in the results, it assumes the results are actually for J and shows it.

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