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Mazz asked 5 months ago

Doesn\’t return results – stuck on search page.    Most recent verison installed.

awardflights Staff replied 5 months ago

What route/date? Because it seems to be working fine for me

Mazz replied 5 months ago

lax to tyo, is it possible that aggregate airport codes do not work on QF?

Mazz replied 5 months ago

@awardflights Also any update on NH? I still don’t get any results for most routes.

awardflights Staff replied 5 months ago

It’s possible that city codes don’t work with QF. It’ll only work with whatever QF lets you put in in the to/from textboxes. LAX-NRT does work.

I haven’t had a chance to look at NH yet but is it consistently not returning anything or is it hit or miss?

Mazz replied 5 months ago

NH never returns anything. Tried different dates, routes, and classes. Not a single return.

1 Answers
awardflights Staff answered 5 months ago

NH should be working as of v1.0.17

Mazz replied 5 months ago

Hi Awardflights,

I just tried with v1.0.17 and same issue, no searched completed and no returns.

First issue was not getting past login screen. I did a manual login to get the search page. Then it seems to just refresh search page over and over…

Checked NH website to confirm flights available as well, and they were. This is true for all routes.

Chrome v67