Qantas search stuck on "searching"

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Rob asked 4 years ago

I’m looking at Qantas search from today going 7 days out but it is stuck on “searching”. I can see it successfully logs me into the account but it doesn’t go past that.

awardflights Staff replied 4 years ago

What route & date?

rob replied 4 years ago

HKG to LAX from 4/13 /18 for the next 7 days. It gets to the screen with the calendar view of available economy seats in red but doesn’t go forward. Ultimately it times out. I get the same issue when searching for different dates as well. Is there something wrong I’m doing?

awardflights Staff replied 4 years ago

I don’t think so. Seems to work form me. Does a different date work?

Rob replied 4 years ago

Got it to work! I restarted my computer, browser, and even cleared my cache without help. But clearing my cookies finally did it. Thanks for the AMAZING site. Truly one of the best resources around. You are appreciated!

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