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Graham asked 3 years ago

I am unable to log on to the JL site unless I use my regional log in.
I assume that award.flights uses a global site but I can only log in with my regional site otherwise I get an error message, for example, “Members who are not registered in the xxxxxxx Region cannot log in from this screen.”
I don’t know if you can use an IP address or some other means to determine the correct logon site to use.

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awardflights Staff answered 3 years ago

I never realized this but it looks like you need an “American Region” account.
Create a dummy US account and it should work.

Graham replied 3 years ago

This is new. I’ve never had the problem before. Is there any way you can add “Region” in as a Setting so that another account isn’t required?
Alternatively, could you create an award.flights account that everyone uses?

awardflights Staff replied 3 years ago

Adding “Region”- I probably could but it seems like a lot of work because I’d have to test that all the regional sites are the same.

Creating an global account for everyone to use? That won’t work – it’ll get blocked and/or not work at all.

The easiest solution is to just create a dummy US account

Graham replied 3 years ago

There appear to be only 4 regions:

Europe / Middle East / Africa
Asia / Oceania

awardflights Staff replied 3 years ago

Right, but if there are differences in the regional sites(I don’t actually know if there are), I’d need to test it for each of the sites which is a lot of work for not much gain.

Jerod replied 3 years ago

I’m in the US, with a US ip (No VPNs) and for some reason it still opens to a JAL Japan regional page with the same errors as above.

awardflights Staff replied 3 years ago

Hmm. It should log you in to the US page.

If you go log in once yourself at the page http://www.jal.co.jp/en/jalmile/use/partner_air/p_jmb/application.html#tabs, does it still happen?

Graham replied 3 years ago

Although it wasn’t what I wanted to do, creating a dummy US region account worked for me.