Add SWAP button, Can delete history

FeedbackCategory: Feature requestAdd SWAP button, Can delete history
Jerry asked 3 years ago

Add a swap button
Able to DELETE a search history (instead of just showing the last 10), that’ll probably fix the “Saved Search” request from someone else
Probably have your website URL in a better place (on top) instead of bottom of the [Tip] page which I had to scroll down to see

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awardflights Staff answered 3 years ago

You and your swap :). I don’t know if anyone else uses it. I’ll add it back in.
Seach History: I’l have to wait and see how much data the search history is taking up after 1-2 months. That’s the reason for the limit really. Don’t wan’t to go over the free tier offered.

Jerry Hung replied 3 years ago

LOL, I use it quite often when constructing multiple one-way search. e.g. recently I did TPE-AMS, swap, AMS-YYZ, swap, YYZ-LAX, swap, LAX-TPE

You can still keep the 10 limit overall, but let us delete/keep which 10. e.g. I wanted to delete ones with 0 results (like on BA/QF)

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