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Vijay asked 7 months ago

It looks like AC searches have been completely timing out over the last day or so. It’s able to login but the to/from and other data doesn’t get populated in the search fields to begin with. Eventually times out.
Please let me know if there’s any other information you need to debug! Thanks!

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JM answered 7 months ago

Same here 🙁

Lisa answered 7 months ago

Same issue for a few days, now. 

Jobber69 answered 7 months ago

Same here.  It opens the AC search in another window, and then that’s it, nothing gets filled in.  Guess AC changed their search window a little bit, and now the Award Flights app isn’t filling in the boxes properly again.

Lisa answered 7 months ago

The whole Aeroplan site is a mess.
Searching on the site directly is ridiculous. The search begins, then you’re returned to the main search page with non of your parameters entered.
Guessing that’s the issue here? 

Ron answered 6 months ago

Is it supposed to be fix on the last release ?

Paul answered 6 months ago

For interest/info/comparison – this is the same thing that is happening with the QF search. Possibly related?

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