Some updates

Gateway Search replacement Gateway search has now been replaced with the ability to run multi-origin or multi-destination searches on all carriers from the regular search screen. Note: if you have saved gateway searches, they won’t work anymore. You can recreate the search using the new multi origin/destination search and save that instead.   Restrictive/Inclusive filters One piece of feedback that I’ve received is for the filters to be restrictive to be able to avoid specific airlines, be it for personal preference or to avoid fuel surcharges and Continue reading →

New Carrier: QF

By popular demand, QF is the latest addition to the family. Go grab that EK F seat and enjoy your 5 minute shower! Caveat: the QF site is a little annoying to parse so if you see the “Some results are hidden by filters” message and you haven’t unchecked anything, if you could let me know it would be much appreciated. or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.

Seats available – BA / JL / EY

Based on your feedback, the 2nd most requested feature after the ability to search for more than 2 passengers is the ability to see the number of available seats and this is now available for JL, BA & EY. Bear in mind that it will only show when when the carrier displays it in their search results since sometimes BA & EY don’t show the number of available seats.   or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.

NH Update

NH recently updated their website including their award search pages. AwardFinder has been updated to support the new NH award search. From some cursory searches, it looks like there are some good parts and some bad parts: The Good More complex award routings. Previously NH only showed awards with up to 2 segments It looks like valid date ranges are now +1 to +355 days, up from +4 to +330 The Bad There are reports of not all award space showing. See here On the site, Continue reading →

Gateway Search

Finding award space in premium cabins on international long-hauls is hard but if you’re somewhat flexible with dates and are willing to take positioning flights to get you to an international gateway, it becomes slightly easier. For example, say you wanted to go to Hong Kong from New York using AA miles in first/business class. You shouldn’t limit yourself to only searching for flights from JFK/EWR. From North America, Cathay flies out of 7 cities so if you are willing to fly an extra segment Continue reading →