Quick Start

Set Up Accounts


On the top right of the app, click on the settings button. This will take you to the account setup page. Enter your username and password for the frequent flier accounts you want to use to perform searches and click the Save button. Currently only EY doesn’t require login information.


Once you’ve saved your login information, the search screen will load.


This should be pretty self-explanatory.

  • From: Origin (3 letter airport/city code only)
    • Comma separated list of airport/city code if multi-origin search
  • To: Destination (3 letter airport code only)
      • Comma separated list of airport/city code if multi-destination search
  • Date: Date of travel (generally between +0 and +355 days but will depend on carriers selected)
  • Passengers: number of passengers
  • +Days: How many days ahead you want to search
  • Carriers: pick at least one. If you choose JL, you have to specify which carrier on JL you want to search on (CX, BA, AA, QF or AF)
  • Cabins: Select the cabins you want to search. Depending on the carrier, searching multiple cabins will take longer
  • Load a saved search: load a previously saved search



Once the search is complete, you will see the results displayed. You can filter out results based on connecting city/carrier/cabin to filter out unwanted options.

Save this search

Click the “Save this search” button to save the inputs used for the current search for quicker searches next time.


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52 thoughts on “Quick Start

  1. Hi I’m not sure if this is where you would like info on bugs, but I couldn’t figure out another way (except for messaging on flyertalk 🙂 ) I was searching ADB-YUL for JUly 18 (and also a few days after) using the NH search. Two things I noticed using the debug mode:

    1) Some of the results are bussiness class but are marked as economy (this happens even when I filtered for economy)
    2) The connecting flight dates are somehow messed up, it looks like a year later.

    1. Sure, anywhere is fine. Here or a PM on FT or in the FT thread.

      Can you check what version you have by clicking on the About link at the very bottom of the app? I fixed both of these last night and the current version should be

  2. It actually seems to be fixed. Maybe I was still running the previous version until I closed and opened it again (?

  3. Downloaded the app but I’m really not crazy about providing my frequent flyer username and password. Is that info really necessary to do a search?

    1. Yes it is. The only carrier that doesn’t require you to log on is EY. If you’re worried about providing that info, you could create dummy accounts and use those.

  4. Just some feedback – searching QF JFK – SYD on 13th Sept shows F availability, when in fact it is W.

  5. Are you still updating the App? The AC Search fails now since the updated the Aeroplan Website.

    Will you be updating the App?

    1. I am still updating the app. I will update it for the new AC site soon although AC seems to be updating their site every 2 weeks. I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort of keeping AC as a search option.

  6. Chrome 48.0.2564.97 m; award.flight

    ORD-NRT 12/20/2016+10 days, 2pax, JL F Cabin

    Issue with JL search. Debug mode shows it sitting on JL homepage and never moving.

    In addition, from a UX perspective the labels and selections seem to have some odd spacing. For example, the BA selection checkbox is next to AC, and the checkbox next to BA is really for EY. Same issue on the Cabin selection. Food for thought.

    1. JL has suspended access to their site for US accounts, so if your account is US based it won’t work. I haven’t tried to create an account in a different region so I can’t say if it will work using a different region.

      Thanks for the feedback on the UX stuff.

  7. Searching for First/Business class seats on BA sometimes shows Premium Econ seats. Is there a way to not show those results?

  8. Sorry for the newbie question. Can you provide specific terms for NH,SQ,EY,JL,QF? I gathered that BA is British Airways. I am going through my frequent flier programs, and can match anything besides BA.

  9. Feature Request (I can ask on FT as well)
    Is it possible to have Filter as GLOBAL settings?
    e.g. I really only want to show ECONOMY at all times for all search, and RESTRICTIVE filter

    Right now everything resets every time I load a Saved Search
    I know Carriers/Connections can be search-dependent, so those are fine to reset every time

    Thanks so much

  10. Great app, thanks for all your hard work. Would it be possible to add a number of connections filter? I.E. in addition to non-stops only, you could pick ‘max 1 stop’? I’m on Version: Thanks.

  11. Awesome app, very impressive, saves a ton of time.

    Same comment as Tom McKay regarding stopover/direct.

    Additionally, SQ just spins and says initializing, when in debug mode, it seems that it is cycling on the log-in page and will not proceed to the search.

    Thanks again

        1. That is to say, my SQ account is active and I am able to search manually on their site, just not through the award.flights app

  12. Hello, first off, thanks for making this tool. It is INVALUABLE for the Travel Hacking community!

    I have noticed lately that Aeroplan seems to be having some issues with searches. The first search runs fine but the second search hangs on the first date and doesn’t return results.

    I have also seen where searches are not returning any results. For example, I searched SIN-SYD for May 1-30 and it went through the search but returned 0 results. When I checked on Aeroplan, there were flights available for all days. Not sure if it was a parsing issue but it was the first time I’ve seen that.

    1. Is it happening just for SIN-SYD?. I do notice it sometimes hanging on AC searches but I can’t quite recreate it on demand so trying to figure out what happened is tricky. I just ran a search SIN-SYD for your dates and it completed with results. Is it still happening?

      1. Yes, still happening. It’s not the initial search that hangs, it’s all subsequent searches.

        Not sure but I think it has to do with the popups that happen on the Aeroplan website:


        I just ran TPE-YVR for 11/25/16 + 15 days for 2 on Aeroplan and it returned results. The subsequent search YYC-YYZ on 8/24/16 + 2 days hung.

        If there is any way to troubleshoot this for you, I am happy to help. I have a bit of a programming background so I may be able to lend a hand.

        1. Just found a bit of a workaround. It looks like the program hangs due to the popups that take focus away from the main screen. If you X out of the popup it still hangs but if you click on logout, Award.Flights manages to log in using the supplied credentials and re-run the search.

          I am almost positive this is due to the popups that are stealing focus and preventing your program from executing the proper next steps.

  13. Hi there, thank you for the great app! I’m bummed though, because it seems BA search just doesn’t work for me anymore. It just is stuck at “initializing” and never moves past that. Has anyone else reported this? I am positive my login data is correct, and I was having success last week by doing the BA Captchas in-app. But BA search just stopped working complete a few days ago.

      1. I stand corrected, it’s gone back to not working. The BA search ran fine after uninstall/reinstall, but any other searches beyond that still just hang at initializing 🙁

      2. Is it still happening for you? The only way I can typically get the BA search to move past “initializing” is to uninstall/reinstall the program…

  14. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, BA search still hanging at Initializing.

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