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  1. Looks pretty interesting. Is there any way to search for more than two passengers? It would be great if you could support searching for the same number of passengers as that allowed by the underlying search site. (For example, both BA and JL allow searching up to 9 passengers). That would be much more useful to me than being restricted to only searching for two.

    1. I’m actually looking into including this in the next release. The only reason I capped it at two was that I didn’t really look into how many passengers each underlying site would allow and two seemed like a safe number.

  2. This may be a dumb question but does the number in parenthesis next to the check mark on the results screen service represent how many award seats are available? Sometimes there is a 1 and other times no number in parenthesis. Can you explain?

    1. Yes, that is correct. If BA/EY/JL show the number of seats available, the app will show it. Carriers don’t necessarily always show this information though.

  3. super convenient app! EY, NH and QF work gr8. BA returns only BA results and not other OW results – may need to test on other routes. JL doesn’t seem to go past initializing – maybe a temporary issue with JL

    1. BA does show other OW results. JL – they’ve suspended all online services for members in the Americas region, so JL doesn’t work at the moment.

  4. More feedback: When entering account info it’s a bit confusing.

    1. What’s the difference between “Sync accounts” and “Save”? And what does Retrieve synced accounts info mean?
    2. There should be some sort of confirmation when you click save (or whatever I’m supposed to click) that the info was saved…currently u click save and nothing happens so as a user you’re confused whether or not it worked
    3. What is the point of having users select cabins during the initial search set up if they then have to use filters to re-do the seelctions they just entered (i.e. I want to see only First & Business but all my search results included economy so I then had to open the filters tool and remove economy a second time)

  5. Andddddd more ideas:

    First of all I hope I’m not coming off like a complainer – I think this tool is AMAZING, I’m literally giddy cuz I used to make massive spreadsheets that contained all this info by manually running hundreds of KVS searches. I’m just trying to offer constructive feedback:

    So I think a very common scenario is probably what I’m trying to do right now which is this: I want to go to HKG at any point in May but due to work / trying to maximize vacation days I only want to leave on a Friday or Saturday. Currently I only have two options: Select May 1 and then enter +30 days OR run 4 different searches (first search would be May 6 +1 day, 2nd search would be May 13 +1 day, third search would be May 20 +1 day, etc).

    I think the smarter way to do it would be to have some sort of calendar function where u can just highlight the specific days u want to search (similar to how when u are doing something in excel if u hold down the Ctrl key it allows u to select multiple items). So that way a user could pop open a calendar and select every friday and saturday in May which would only be ~8 days and therefore the search should be much more efficient since it isn’t wasting time checking all the other ~22 days that I don’t want to travel on.

    Does that make sense?

    1. Makes sense. You’re the first person to bring it up. For now, you could run the searches once and save them so you don’t have to enter them each time.

      1. Good idea, I’ll do that. Do you think you’ll add that functionality eventually?

        Also, out of curiosity – how long did it take you to put this together. It’s pretty cool

        1. I’m not sure yet because how I generally search for awards uses the +days methodology instead of having a specific set of days but it does sound like a good idea.

          How long? Initially I think I only had NH, BA, EY & JL. It took 2-3 weeks to do that and a lot of that was figuring out Chrome apps and how to get the embedded web page(s) to talk to the app. It probably helped that I had written an app similar to KVS that did award searches before so the searching/parsing was the easy part.

  6. Not sure if it’s just me but Qantas seems to be frozen – the progress bar has just been stuck on “logging in” for 5 minutes now

  7. Running some searches tonight using BA – strange thing is that both SFO-HKG and SFO-NRT is just endlessly loading without ever actually finishing…All the other city pairs, i.e. JFK-HKG, ORD-NRT, etc. are working fine so the only thing in common between the frozen searches is that origin point is SFO

  8. I think I read that Google was going to eliminate the Chrome App Launcher. Are there plans to migrate your app if that is the case?

  9. Hi, I have been getting errors when searching via Award.Flights using Aeroplan. It looks like the app is trying to search for RT vs OW and I get the following error

    Missing/invalid field: Returning.

    If you could kindly troubleshoot the error, it would be most appreciated. Cheers

    1. I just ran both SQ and AC in Debug mode and found the following issues:

      SQ: The From field defaults to SFO regardless of the input from award.flights. The destination populates correctly.

      AC: Stays on the RT radio button instead of choosing the OW radio button. Further to that, the From and To field are not populating.

      1. They are both working for me. What route are you searching for? I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be using invalid origins or destinations

        AC: AC doesn’t like city codes e.g. NYC. JFK works but not NYC.

        SQ: This really needs to be cities SQ flies to since they don’t show partner information.

        1. I was using ZUR instead of ZRH for Zurich … which is what looks to be the issue.

  10. Is there any way to have multiple instances of award.flights running to search multiple destinations at the same time?

    1. You could try running multiple instances of Chrome under different google accounts. I’m not sure if it will work but it’s worth a try.

  11. not sure where my previous comment went, so here it is again
    Is it possible to make filter options GLOBAL instead of per-search?
    e.g. I want to find ECONOMY flights only, and with RESTRICTIVE option for all searches
    I don’t want to un-check many checkboxes for every saved search

  12. So I was trying to use the tool to search for multiple origination points and multiple destination points but I received an error message. Here is a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/sm9L43r.png

    The tool works really well for one origin point to multiple destinations or multiple origin points to one destination point. Are we not able to do multiple origins to multiple destinations?

  13. My new go to tool for looking at award space . Keep up the good work. Amazing effort.

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