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  1. No flights in NH search causes searching to stop.
    The NH search page hangs with a lightbox that reads: “There are no results that match your specified search criteria. Please change your criteria, and retry your search again.
    Only flights that are currently available will be displayed for Star Alliance and Partner Airlines operating flights.

    Check User Hints for more information.


  2. Dear Sir
    Thank you so much for the awsome app. one Q : For 6 months now JAL supports EK award search with the same interface, Possible to add it ?

  3. Looks like SQ has updated their website and I think the search tool is having troubles with the new site. Been loving the extension, thanks for the help. Hope you might be able to fix the new error.

    1. Yes, works OK on flights with availability every day, eg SYD-LHR, but not on flights when there is no availability on one day, eg SYD-IST – you get a screen with seven days on in, and an aeroplane on the days that flights are available, except sometimes they are not.. 🙁

      Hope you can think of a work around.

  4. Any chance of making the JAL search non-america? I’m signed up through Australia and it tells me I can’t use the search flow here

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