11 thoughts on “v1.0.17

  1. Updated to new version. Sorry to say, NH search doesn’t return any results still. Doesn’t pass login page.

      1. user Id and Password are getting populated\
        wheel starts spinning and screen gets gray
        user if and password are emptied out
        then everything repeats

  2. Same issue here. ANA does not work anymore. If not already logged in, it doesn’t pass login screen. If I logged into ANA first, it gets into multiple city search page correctly but nothing happen before the page flashes then close. Returns no result.

  3. Looks like Aeroplan/AC has changed their front-end again. Upon the script logging in, filling in the search parameters on the homepage, and hitting “Search,” it takes the script back to a login page and redirects to the old search page.

  4. Qantas seems to be hanging on the first results page. Trying SYD,BNE,MEL to NRT,HND on 01NOV 1 passenger, for two additional days.

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