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If you are unaware, Chrome Apps are being deprecated for non-ChromeOS platforms. While the timeline is still up in the air, continuing to update the existing app seems like a futile exercise so over the past year or so I have been working on and off into either converting the app into either an extension or an Electron app. While an Electron app would be closer to the current app and I do have a working-ish prototype of one,  an extension seems the easier route for distribution. So as of today, the current app will no longer be updated or supported and will be replaced by the award.flights Chrome Extension.

A quick rundown of what’s different can be found here. The main difference is that the extension will open up a new Chrome window and perform searches there. I still recommend you use dummy accounts in case something goes wrong and your account gets caught in a login loop – which can lead to your account being locked.

Some new features require you to login with a Google account. This is so that your search results can be accessed across computers and extensions/apps if I decide to make a Firefox extension or Electron app. No personal data other than the email address on the account is stored.

Finally, a number of you have asked if you could donate to the development effort. There is an option to do that now via the extension  or from this page but don’t feel like you have to.

I believe everything mostly works but there still may be some hiccups. Leave some feedback if you run into any issues.

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  1. Thanks for the continueing amazing support!
    Any chance of migrating the user accounts from the app to the extension / exporting the user details? Cause I don’t remember the saved passwords of my dummy accounts 😀

  2. I’ve put together over 10 multi-city and RTW award flights for myself and my family with your application. Genuinely appreciate this tool because the airlines certainly don’t make it easy to construct the best routes. Thanks!

  3. Trying out the new extension, it’s nice and different
    I like the Search History = Saved Search
    and now I can do in-page search too with CTRL+F

    Does Scratchpad/PIN flights work yet? I tried but nothing pinned

      1. I tested at home, logged in as same google account, everything (search history, scratch pad) is sync’ed = AWESOME

        Ideas for the new Extension
        – Add a swap button
        – Add a URL link to your homepage somewhere. I’ll Buy you a coffee later 😛
        – Able to DELETE a search history (instead of just showing the last 10)

        Keep up the good work, thanks

  4. I’ve been looking at the Qantas search from today to one week out, in first class. It is stuck on the searching portion. Any idea why? I can see it successfully logged me in.

  5. Thank you so much for this update, it’s awesome so far. I’m still fiddling around and I promise to make a small donation =)

  6. There seems to be a bit of an issue with AP searches. Aeroplan dot com seems to hold on to the departure city when you change it in the app. For example, I’m, looking for a flight from GVA or LYS to ORD. I’ll run the first search and I’ll get some results, then I’ll change GVA to LYS and re sun the search; but I’ll get results originiating from GVA again.

  7. Perhaps I’m missing something, but I can’t get the extension to search BA or QF. When I execute a search, Chrome opens a new window for the BA and QF sites and logs me in, but the page sits idle, without any searches being run.

    Loved the old version; hope I can get this one to work!

      1. Thanks. I cleared cache like the other poster suggested, but that didn’t work. it’s odd. BA and QF sites open and log in, but then the script seems to just stop and the pages sit on the search screen, without running the search I requested. I tried JL and I get an error there where it says “Error: Invalid entry point value”

          1. multiple routes and dates over different periods. Doesn’t seem to matter what I search for. As soon as I try to execute a search, the new windows properly open and log me into the airlines’ sites, but then nothing happens — no searches ever get executed. Just tried HKG-JFK in June and MEL-SIN in December.

          2. Well the search history will only capture searches that ran to completion. Just making sure, you’re on version 1.0.14 right? Also try turning off any adblockers you have. I know Ghostery interferes with AC searches in general but I haven’t really seen an issue with BA/QF. Another thing is to see if there are any errors in the Chrome debug console of both the extension and the BA/QF page. The last thing I can think of is trying a different computer and see if it works there.

          3. Adding to this — there are no searches saved in my search history. It’s as if hitting the “search” button isn’t doing anything but opening BA and QF websites and logging in, but nothing more. Very weird. I’m all ears for suggestions as I LOVED the old version of this extension. Thanks!

      2. Oddly, when I toggle to search for F only, the QF search initiates, but then hangs on the calendar results page showing days with flights in Economy, but no results return in the extension itself.

  8. Hi there and thanks a lot for the great app. I am trying to access SQ but despite entering my username / pw the search will stop at “SQ: Inizializing”. The smaller windows is accessing the SQ-Website but will not log in as it seems. Any suggestions? Best regards


  9. Great App, thanks.
    It look likes there is an issue with NH. When I search some routes (eg.: gig-aua in July) it stucks with a message* and it can’t go furher. I don’t know if there was any modification to the site.

    * Message:
    “There are no results that match your specified search criteria. Please change your criteria, and retry your search again.
    Only flights that are currently available will be displayed for Star Alliance and Partner Airlines operating flights.

    Check User Hints for more information.


      1. Hi, I can confirm this, e.g when searching for “FRA-MIA” in Business on the NH site on 22.6.18 plus 2 days for 2 pax. It is working fine first and then breaks with that message visible. After that it simply doesn’t continue to search further days.

        One more problem seems to exist with ublock-origin and air canada, but that is not really a problem of award.flights but of aeroplan/ublock-origin. Disableing ublock.origin solves that part.

      2. Same for me.
        Search on NH works, but as soon as it reaches a date without availability it get’s stuck there on the message “There are no results that match your specified search criteria. Please change your criteria, and retry your search again.” and the search doesn’t go on. E.g. searching for YVR-YUL get’s stuck on July 15, because there’s no availability. Search doesn’t go on, which means it doesn’t find the availability on July 17,18, ….

      3. Sorry for being absent. I think that is as they said, it happens in some dates. I just tried gig-ber on 10/14/2018 (NH : searching GIG-BER-2018-10-14-F) and got the same message : ”
        There are no results that match your specified search criteria. Please change your criteria, and retry your search again.
        Only flights that are currently available will be displayed for Star Alliance and Partner Airlines operating flights.

        Check User Hints for more information.


  10. Looks like there is an issue with Aeroplan search. Login works fine but dies as soon as you make it to the search page. There looks to be no autocomplete which suggests that Aeroplan has updated the field names on the search page. Thanks so much for your support!

      1. Issue with Aeroplan is still there. Definitely an error on that search page – I can manually input the data and it continues; it also seems to be auto-filling the departure city, which I don’t recall before.

  11. I am new to this Travel Hacking. Have been following your 5 part series on Finding award flights. Have added the Awards Flight App. Put in my Aeroplan # and password. When I fill in the departing destination (in IATA code) and the destination, check AC, put in dates and cabin type. Press Search and the award flights do not show up. The computer has a small box showing it connecting to Aeroplan, but no award flight ever show up on my screen. Watched your video and award flights started to show up in 1/2 a minute and kept coming.

    What have I missed in setting up the app?


    1. I launched award.flights. When I couldn’t get any results, I opened the aeroplan site looked for the flights i was interested in. When I minimized the aeroplan page a whole bunch of flights was sitting in the Award.flights site in the usual format (spreadsheet)

  12. also having issues with JL when I search CX flights nothing returns and eventually errors out

  13. For BA, rather than the script reloading all the info again on a new flights search page (waiting more) and then having to select No stopovers again (waiting again), why not just write the script to select the date to the right after the initial search is loaded? That would save vast amounts of time for spitting out the results for a date range.

    1. I’ve thought about it but haven’t gotten around to testing it out All carriers are the same now: go to search page->result->go to search page and it easier to keep everything the same.

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