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  1. EY Search not working:
    Searching ATH to SFO (also tried ATH to LAX). starting 10/10 +30 days, 2 people, First and Business.
    The search never progresses past the initial day I try searching for, and when I watch the debug screen, it’s just trying the same search over and over again. I believe the problem happens when the search on EY’s website doesn’t produce any results.

  2. BA Search going into infinite loop searching for same date/class over and over again. :
    Searching KLX to LAX first, business, 2 passengers
    11/25/18 +3 days
    BA’s debug window shows an error saying BA or its partners don’t fly this route.

    This type of error comes up not only when BA doesn’t fly there at all, but also on days, or seasons when there are no flights to/from that airport.

  3. EY searches have been stalling for me for a week now, never gets past the first day. KL sits on the homepage, too, and keeps thinking there is a CAPTCHA when there isn’t, but I know that’s in Beta. QF/JL/AC never seem to get past “initalizing” for me and I can’t tell why.

    I love this tool, though, helping a lot!

    1. What are you searching and what happens when you enable debug mode? I just tried SIN-HKG for QF/JL/AC and everything returned results. JFK-AUH was working for me using EY. KL is a little weird, the first search generally fails but after that it starts working.

      1. It looks like EY is now working for me, and the rest have fallen into line, maybe it was just a issue on my end. Thanks for looking, though, this is a fantastic tool!

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