Everything is working again

Alright folks,

All should be right in the world again:

  • AC – there’s a weird issue where sometimes the search goes in an infinite loop but the app detects it and errors out. Click on the “Clear Cache” link and it should work again.
  • NH
  • JL
  • QF was working earlier in the day but it seems like something is going with their site. Manual searches are returning errors.
  • BA, SQ, EY & KL are still working.

Thanks to all of you who reported issues and apologies for the delay. I was out of town and swamped at work when I got back.


27 thoughts on “Everything is working again

  1. Thanks again for all your hard work, love this tool. Just one quick question, when you say on your Dec 5 post, to “Click on the CLEAR CACHE link”, where exactly do you find this Clear Cache link? Are you talking about in the Award.Flights app, or in the chrome browser itself?

  2. Appreciate all your help with this. I’m certain you are aware, but in the off chance you are not, Chrome on Mac seems to be not working with AP.

  3. Sorry if in the wrong spot but couldn’t find anywhere else to leave a comment as other sections show comments closed.
    When i try and search for QF it hangs on the first date search (after initialising) SQ is fine and will load up all dates but not QF,

    I’ve tried uninstalling but still get the same issue.

    Search is BKK-SYD 1/11/18, have tried earlier dates and get the same issue.

  4. Thanks again for all the hard work. Having similar freeze issues with QF. I have found that if I run it in debug mode (seeing all the screens pop-up), it runs fine and returns results.

  5. I just installed this app and am ready to delete it. I go to settings and enter my credentials for SQ and click Save. Nothing happens. Relaunch app and SQ is greyed out? So this app is a scam? Will be deleting it soon if no solutions.

  6. are you able to search for qatar airways flights via the app? I can only find BA flights now. i booked flights 2 years ago using the app to South Africa and last year to Thailand. Its awesome!

  7. I don’t think the software is working for more than 1 stop. Last year I think it worked for EY from IAD to DAC showing 2 stops. Website in EY does show that. The new Chrome gets stuck for some reason.

  8. QR does not seem to work for me. It just sits on the day and doesnt do anything. Others work fine. Anyone else seeing this /.

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