BA Update (please read)

Quite a number of you have reported that BA searches have been failing. What seems to be happening is that the first search succeeds and all subsequent attempts to get to the award flight search page fails. If you log out and log back in again, this sequence continues with a successful first search and errors out on the next one.This is happening for me as well and as such I’ve made a change to automatically log out and back in again if the app detects that you’ve reached the “Sorry, there seems to be a technical problem…” page. Now, I’m not sure how this will affect your account(rate limiting etc.) so please be careful while using this.

If you still experience errors or more importantly, have not/do not experience the error if you could leave a comment stating if you’re using a dummy account or not and if you have any miles in your account, that would help me get to the bottom of this. I suspect BA is doing this to accounts with 0 miles in them.

v0.0.0.87 is the updated version with the fix.

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