BA Update (please read)

Quite a number of you have reported that BA searches have been failing. What seems to be happening is that the first search succeeds and all subsequent attempts to get to the award flight search page fails. If you log out and log back in again, this sequence continues with a successful first search and errors out on the next one.This is happening for me as well and as such I’ve made a change to automatically log out and back in again if the app detects that you’ve reached the “Sorry, there seems to be a technical problem…” page. Now, I’m not sure how this will affect your account(rate limiting etc.) so please be careful while using this.

If you still experience errors or more importantly, have not/do not experience the error if you could leave a comment stating if you’re using a dummy account or not and if you have any miles in your account, that would help me get to the bottom of this. I suspect BA is doing this to accounts with 0 miles in them.

v0.0.0.87 is the updated version with the fix.


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      1. Yeah BA is blocking me as well after just a few searches…seems like we are actually better off staying logged in due to their rate limiting algorithm

  1. I just want to say thank you so much for your work on this!

    As a minor work around for the BA issue, I go into debug mode and click on subsequent dates via the tabs.

    Hope you manage to fix it though!

  2. Hi there, I have 0 point in my account and am having issues even when I’m logged in to Avios (actually have more success with your tool!). Thanks so much for your help!

  3. While searching on today, after clicking a few dates, BA display a CAPTCHA page. I had to click on check box “I’m not a robot” in order continue.

  4. Hi Awardflights, thanks for the amazing tool, really love it!

    I noticed when I search BA, it will cover all cabins. However, when I’m on AC, on a star alliance 50K account, even though economy is selected, it will only return first/business results. I tried to debug it, but to no avail. when manually testing, I do find economy results that are not shown on awardflight tool. Have you observed this bug?


    1. I haven’t. With AC, regardless of what cabin you search for it will return all cabins so that’s why you’re seeing J/F results for a Y search. Do you have an example?

  5. I am wondering if BA has put some sort of throttle / limit / restriction on existing accounts that they suspect are hitting them hard (like many of us)

    I was getting errors a few weeks ago.

    Today when I try to tab to different dates I get

    There was a problem with your request, please try again later.

  6. I am getting frequent error messages with JL search. Here is the most recent one:

    Unable to proceed. Please call JMB award reservations and services of your region.

    Any ideas?

  7. Seems like I’m getting incorrect parsing of the results for QF search. I’m checking 7/27 +2 from JFK,ORD,BOS,YYZ-HKG and it’s showing Business space on most of the 7/27 flights from JFK. I just ran the same search on KVS using both JL and QF and neither of them are showing that that space actually exists.

  8. Hello, I was wondering if there’s a way to export the results into an excel to show my friend a variety of options? Or copy and paste in? I’m struggling to copy it

  9. I am getting the error

    Internal Server Error – Read

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Reference #3.66f89c50.1501796801.3e1f648

    I have miles in my account, I can also login and search awards by myself.

  10. Hey thanks for the great app! I use it extensively a couple of times a year for my vacations. Just going back in, I noticed that the BA (on the app) doesn’t seem to be registering available seats, even though a search on BA shows them. Specifically, I am looking for First Class seats which used to work great – now it doesn’t see any of the available seats. Anyhow – looking forward to using it again! Thanks!

  11. Thanks for such a great app. Just a heads up that Aeroplan has changed their search interface so Award.Flights is hanging. Would you mind taking a look? Thanks!

  12. I can’t get either AC or NH to return anything – they just seem to get stuck. In debugging NH, it seems to return results right away, then loop around and query again without posting the results – over and over. In debugging AC, it seems to not do anything, just opens the AC search page. I did do an uninstall and just reinstalled 0.93.

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