New carrier: AF/KL (beta)

I was searching for some intra-Europe awards a few days ago and I realized that I had KL some miles from a while ago. So as of v0.0.0.82 KL/AF is a new carrier option. You can login with either a KF or AF account. It only shows Classic Awards with the lowest redemption price so I think it should be bookable with other SkyTeam currencies – most of them show up on DL’s site but not all (I’m not sure, I haven’t looked into SkyTeam redemptions in a while).


One caveat: KL requires captcha verification on login, so you will be prompted to do that before a search will run.

This is still in beta so you might experience some errors.

[download] or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.

20 thoughts on “New carrier: AF/KL (beta)

  1. Qantas loops when get the warning that the price is going to be shown in a different currency. It seems to hit the back button instead of accept.

  2. I have a question and not sure where to put it so will add here.

    Any chance we can have the checkmarks changed to some other icon that shows up when I copy paste?

    Trying to collect results from multiple searches so I can compare them all at once and when I try to copy paste the search results from Award Finder, the checkmarks do not copy over, just the text? Not sure if you are happy to allow that functionality but it would make life a lot easier to visually compare all my results in a spreadsheet and copy pasting those results quickly would be a huge help?

    Thanks again for doing what you do!


  3. Hi, I’m having trouble logging into QF – viewing in debug mode shows that the home page is reloading over and over without showing the login dialog.

    Is there anything I can do to fix / troubleshoot on my end?

  4. Hi there .. After “Getting the app” and typing in my QF details in the Settings area, I clicked “Save” and nothing happened – I didn’t get the Search Screen. (I also clicked the Debug and didn’t make any difference).

    Anyway, I closed it and reopend the app – completed the Search criteria and it remained on “QF logging in” (for a few hours – whilst I was off doing something else).

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app a couple of times but still no luck.

    Are you able to assist?

  5. Great app, thumbs up!!

    Firstly, you should take donations! 😉

    Secondly, any thoughts of adding M&M to it? Would allow searching for F-seats on LH (LX if Sen or HON) further out than 14 days.

    THX again for this job!

    1. Thank you. People expect stuff to work when you accept donations. If someone wants to offer me a J/F flight, I wouldn’t turn them down though 😉

      You’re the first one who has asked about M&M. IIRC don’t you need at least some miles in your account to be able to search for awards? I don’t have an account with miles and haven’t really used the M&M program. Honestly, it’s because it’s not an easy transfer partner for any US credit card outside of SPG.

  6. I keep erroring out on KL/AF. I just created the Flying Blue account and it has 0 miles. I pass the CATPCHA but the search seems to error.

    This tool is AWESOME. I would be willing to contribute if you decide to set something up.

    1. KL/AF is kind of finicky due to the way the KL site is structured. It usually fails for me a couple of times before it starts working. I just tried a CDG-FRA search and it returned results.

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