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Update: US accounts are now working again.


JL has suspended access to award searches(and other functionality) for members with accounts registered in the US. So if you have an account that is registered in the US, JL searches will not work. I’ve tested with an account registered in Asia and searching still works.

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  1. I’m currently getting the following error with all JL searches (Australian registered account):

    “Unable to proceed. Please call JMB award reservations and services of your region.”

    Looks like it is an issue with their website, anyone able to confirm?

      1. I only discovered your site this weekend so cant say, certainly it has been happening for the last few days.

        I just tried a “manual” search using their website and am getting the same error. I’ll contact them to try and resolve first.

  2. I can log on to my JAL (Japan based) account, but get this when I try to use the app:

    Unable to proceed. Please call JMB award reservations and services of your region.

  3. FYI – EY is not working. When doing a debug mode, you see it is doing a full search and opening the page for the results. However, despite being available guest seats, it does not pick them –

  4. JL does not seem to search JL award space – is that correct? Great app BTW, love it. Wish I could run multiple instances of it .,

    1. Yes, that’s correct. It’s meant to search for awards on JL’s partners. You can do what howie says and install Chromium or you actually can run multiple instances of Chrome logged in as different users so if you want, you can log in to as many google accounts as you want and run separate instances of the app – one for each user. You’ll have to install the app separately for each user though.

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