11 thoughts on “SQ & NH Update

  1. Thanks for this app!! Just would like to point out that I’m getting capcha for SQ searches as well

    1. Huh. Really? I never noticed that before. They must have implemented it when they updated their site. Do you know roughly after how many searches it happens?

  2. Is this working for SQ? I just installed the app and when i try any search (only SQ), the searching bar just goes forever and no results seem to load no matter what day I search for.

  3. For SQ in F, it returns “available” when a standard award exists, even if no saver award is available.

    1. But the FAQ says it only states “available” when the lowest-level redemption is available, as the standard level redemption is usually a bad deal. Which is correct!

      1. Do you have an example? SIN-JFK on Apr 3 2017 has standard F availability and doesn’t show as available for me. It used to be a bad deal but with how hard it is to find SQ F to the US these days, SQ standard awards seem like a little less of a bad deal.


  4. I am finding the NH search is not accurate with respect to number of passengers
    ex – YYZ-IST – May 2 2018 – shows 8 seats in J on TK, but search ANA or AE directly shows 3?

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