New Carrier: QF

By popular demand, QF is the latest addition to the family. Go grab that EK F seat and enjoy your 5 minute shower!


Caveat: the QF site is a little annoying to parse so if you see the “Some results are hidden by filters” message and you haven’t unchecked anything, if you could let me know it would be much appreciated.

[download] or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.

16 thoughts on “New Carrier: QF

  1. Thank you so much !!
    BTW QF is not working on some cities . Example : JED – ZRH it gets stuck on search page … not sure why

  2. BTW – i remember working on QF before – in order for it to properly search, you have to change HTML code and manually input the city pairs within HTML before submitting – not relay on thier site ..

  3. Also here is another tip : Round-trip searches .. i noticed when doing a search for DMM-JFK – QF will not display anything (one-way). but if i do JFK-DMM and return DMM-JFK it would work

    1. QF’s site is really stupid. It seems like you can’t choose some cities as an origin. If you go to their site and search manually, it’ll let you search JFK-DMM but not DMM-JFK. Same thing with RUH/JED.

      To your point about manually inputting the city pairs, that’s actually what it’s doing. Behind the scenes, it is opening the stupid city picker thing that QF has and clicking on the correct city to fill it out the form properly. I guess I need to handle the error that’s being thrown when it can’t find the city.

      I’ll try to see what I can do about maybe faking a round trip to get the “return” segment to populate

      1. Yes i tried using it but couldn’t – too much of a hassle…that’s why i used to use KVS – which i think does the faking of return segment … your tool is much better since you can search multiple engines at same time

  4. I did a few tests – and it seems the fake round trip method is the way to go. This would solve other issues – an example is if you search for ZRH-DXB it would force you to to book at least 6 days in advance and it wont accept tomorrow, for example
    but searching DXB-ZRH and ZRH-DXB with same departure/return date would return the results ….

    BTW – have you looked at other suggestions ?

    – Gateway search could easily work as Multi-origin search. Can you enable it for BA, AC and ANA ? Also increase the number of days to 30 … This is useful as i run a search and browse the internet while it finishes …

    – when searching, is it possible to PIN (i.e save results to top of screen), while also doing another search ? this is very useful when searching segment by segment ..

    1. I’ve published an updated version (v0.0.0.58) that does the fake round trip to fix the errors with some origins.

      I’ve looked at your other suggestions. I’m actually thinking of removing the gateway search and making it part of the regular search.

      Pinning results – I’m thinking about it. You’re talking about individual flights and not the whole result set right?

      1. The idea is that usually when we search for awards – we search segment by segment. It is very difficult then to piece together and usually involves re-searching again to double check timing of previous segment to make sure it works for current one…

        SO it would help to be able to PIN on top of screen a flight and/or the whole result set while continuing to search ….

        Regarding gateway, yes i agree if you allow searching for mult-origin it should be part of regular search … no real need to pre-define gateways, just make it multi-origin …

  5. BTW – after recent QF update – it no longer work past first few searches. It seem to get stuck on search airfare page, and doesnt input city

  6. Looks like QF may have updated their site. Gets to the search page and puts my “to” airport into the “From” on the QF site and then sits.

    LON>ATL 8/10/16+0 2pax QF Biz

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