Seats available – BA / JL / EY

Based on your feedback, the 2nd most requested feature after the ability to search for more than 2 passengers is the ability to see the number of available seats and this is now available for JL, BA & EY.

Bear in mind that it will only show when when the carrier displays it in their search results since sometimes BA & EY don’t show the number of available seats.



[download] or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.

6 thoughts on “Seats available – BA / JL / EY

  1. Thank you !!! Now if you only add Qantas to search EK space ….(Alaska not good as it is only NA)

  2. A few more (easy) suggestions ::
    – Gateway search could easily work as Multi-origin search. Can you enable it for BA, AC and ANA ? Also increase the number of days to 30 … This is useful as i run a search and browse the internet while it finishes …

    – when searching, is it possible to PIN (i.e save results to top of screen), while also doing another search ? this is very useful when searching segment by segment ..

    Finally … this is a (crazy) idea – why not making open source so people could continue to develop it ?

  3. Recently did a search on BA for all c1 airports to LHR and your tool saved me like a 2day manual search!
    I hope you don’t mind if I add some suggestions 🙂
    1) When going to settings the only way to get back to the search is by clicking the home button. By doing so the input fields get reseted
    2) Enabling the debug mode isn’t saved when exiting the chrome app, maybe thats a limitation of chrome apps?
    3) Maybe include a note somewhere that when doing a complex search on BA, captchas will appear, debug mode enabled is needed then to enter the captchas (works perfectly btw!)
    4) Adding more than 1 BA account under settings and cycling through them for every 10th search or so? This will result in having less captchas

    Again, those are just some suggestions, I know adding / changing things even thou they might seem “simple” for the user is lots of coding work!

    Thanks again!

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