NH Update

NH recently updated their website including their award search pages. AwardFinder has been updated to support the new NH award search. From some cursory searches, it looks like there are some good parts and some bad parts:

The Good

  • More complex award routings. Previously NH only showed awards with up to 2 segmentsnhRouting
  • It looks like valid date ranges are now +1 to +355 days, up from +4 to +330

The Bad

  • There are reports of not all award space showing. See here
  • On the site, which doesn’t apply when you use AwardFinder:
    • searching for premium awards is more cumbersome
    • No 7-day search results on the same page anymore
  • I haven’t seen mixed-cabin awards results yet. They may be there but I haven’t seen any but based on their display, I doubt it. I could be wrong though



6 thoughts on “NH Update

  1. This is such an impressive software you did. Thank you ! I would really pay for this 🙂
    May I suggest :
    For EY, is it possible to display the number of available seats ?
    For *A Is it possible to add filter by airline ? Also EK thru Qantas 🙂

    1. I don’t think that’s possible for EY. I don’t believe the EY site shows the number of available seats.

      Is the current airline filter not flexible enough for you? Do you mean you want the filters to be more restrictive to only show the carriers you’ve selected?

      EK – maybe. I haven’t decided which carrier to add next.

  2. Hello,
    EY, BA both show number of seats (already done in KVS) i like your much better though 🙂

    Filtering currently you have to press as search goes by, and every time a new carrier shows up you have to clear and select again. I would rather pre-set filter before searching…

    Finally sometime when i do search for more than one day on EY – it gets stock. Is it possible to add a function that checks the time, if say 60 seconds passed and no results, it stops and re-tries …

    1. I know that BA shows it on their site but I don’t see it on EY’s site. Can you point me to it?

      Filtering: this could be done but you’d have to type in the carriers beforehand. Let me think about it a little.

      EY: I’ve noticed this happens every once in a while. I’ll look into a solution.

      1. Hello,
        EY does show the number of seats if it was 4 or less. if more than 4 it doesn’t display anything.i just did a search LHR AUH 20 may business, it says 1 seat left. Also JAL shows it too
        6hr 55min
        EY 20
        Etihad Airways

        Miles 43676
        GBP 189.96 1 seats left

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