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Finding award space in premium cabins on international long-hauls is hard but if you’re somewhat flexible with dates and are willing to take positioning flights to get you to an international gateway, it becomes slightly easier. For example, say you wanted to go to Hong Kong from New York using AA miles in first/business class. You shouldn’t limit yourself to only searching for flights from JFK/EWR. From North America, Cathay flies out of 7 cities so if you are willing to fly an extra segment to get to one of these gateways, your chances of scoring that long-haul increase. AwardFinders’s new Gateway Search feature helps you do this by allowing you to search from multiple cities to a single destination and vice-versa.


Currently, the supported carriers are: CX (JL), SQ & EY.

The international gateways for North America are already included to make searching easier. Use these or input your own.


  1. Choose a carrier
  2. Pick if you’re looking to search From or To multiple destinations (you can search many to one or one to many)
  3. Choose if you want to use the North American gateway defaults
  4. Enter to/from cities
    • Enter multiple cities separated by commas
  5. Choose the start date and how many days ahead you want to search (max:7)
  6. Go!


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