Introducing Award Finder

A few weeks ago, I was searching for some award flights. After a few searches, entering all the info into different carrier sites started to get tedious so I wrote a simple app that would go out, perform my searches and aggregate the results for me. After using it for a couple of days, I thought that it might be useful for people in the same position and so I cleaned it up a little(very little), turned it into a Chrome app and am now releasing for you to use.

A few notes:

  1. The carriers available are pretty much the ones I was using to run my searches
    • No SkyTeam – it’s been a while since I’ve had any SkyTeam miles. I don’t even know how to search for ST awards anymore. DL? AF/KL? You can search for AF awards using JL though
  2. The search only returns availability for the lowest level for award redemptions

Ready to improve your award searches?


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I hope you find this tool as useful as I do.

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