Everything is working again

Alright folks, All should be right in the world again: AC – there’s a weird issue where sometimes the search goes in an infinite loop but the app detects it and errors out. Click on the “Clear Cache” link and it should work again. NH JL QF was working earlier in the day but it seems like something is going with their site. Manual searches are returning errors. BA, SQ, EY & KL are still working. Thanks to all of you who reported issues and Continue reading →

Seats available – BA / JL / EY

Based on your feedback, the 2nd most requested feature after the ability to search for more than 2 passengers is the ability to see the number of available seats and this is now available for JL, BA & EY. Bear in mind that it will only show when when the carrier displays it in their search results since sometimes BA & EY don’t show the number of available seats.   or if you’ve installed the app, the update will be pushed to you in a few hours.