Everything is working again

Alright folks, All should be right in the world again: AC – there’s a weird issue where sometimes the search goes in an infinite loop but the app detects it and errors out. Click on the “Clear Cache” link and it should work again. NH JL QF was working earlier in the day but it seems like something is going with their site. Manual searches are returning errors. BA, SQ, EY & KL are still working. Thanks to all of you who reported issues and Continue reading →

BA fix + a few others

What’s included in version BA A number of you have reported trouble searching with BA. This issue should now be fixed. If you still run into issues, try clearing the cache/cookies using the link shown below and running the search again. SQ Captcha prompt just like it currently does for BA. AC There was an issue where searches would sometimes hang. I think I’ve fixed the problem but if it still happens, please let me know. Happy searching! As always,  or if you’ve installed the Continue reading →